The primary aim of ADCC Italy Submission Fighting (or ADCC Italy) is getting together and rappresenting the italian practitioners and athlets of Submission Fighting.

Operating on behalf of ADCC Submission Fighting European Federation, the ADCC Italy national committee is determined to favourite the practise and the professional growth of Submission Fighting and of its ADCC international circuit in Italy with the following goals:

  • organizing in Italy the activities of ADCC Circuit trought events as the ADCC Italy Submission Fighting Open and the ADCC Italy Submission Fighting National Championship. Promoters and clubs affilated to ADCC Italy circuit will have the opportunity to organize tournements, grand prix or super fights officially recognized by ADCC Circuit.
    The European Circuit and the International Circuit provide for the possibility of competing only for the athlets partecipating to ADCC Circuit in their nation. In addition we underline that all italian results converge to the european ranking of ADCC Submission Fighting European Federation  into a system regulating the international activity and qualifications to trials or world finals; 

  • selecting athlets to bring into the national, italian team in case of partecipating to tournements or International Championships for teams; 

  • providing technical workshops for referees officially recognized by ADCC Circuit,  during the year; courses taken by international ADCC referees staff. A real and concrete knowledge of ADCC Regulations doesn't permit false and misleading interpretations, preserving athlets safety and the seriousness of sport competitions and results; 

  • planning training seminars for professional and amateur athlets leaded by ADCC Submission Fighting experts and champions; 

  • promoting the image of  Submission Fighting, of its International Circuit and of ADCC Italy athlets and teams, managing relations with medias for promoting the national ADCC activity.


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